October 01, 2015

A Morning Walk

A Morning Walk

English Essay on "A Morning Walk"

A morning is the prettiest time of a day. Before the sun rises, the eastern sky becomes rosy and crimson. The colour fades away gradually and the sun rises like a great crimson ball. Soon it again goes down and then rises the golden sun. It illumines the hills, the vales, the trees the plants, the houses, the mosques, the churches and the temples. Every thing appears golden when the sun rises and is only warm and not hot.
Before the sun rises, a cold breeze blows. If refreshes the body and the mind and feels lonely. The morning walk itself is advantageous. It cases the stiffened joints, brings all muscles into action, makes the blood circulate faster and makes one active.4essay.blogspot.com
I and my younger brother love the morning walk. We start running from our home, cross the graveyard and cover a mile. Then we stop running and walk briskly for one and a hail mile up to Shershah park and then return. By breakfast time we reach home and after having a shower we sit to take breakfast.
We start from our home when it is still dark and it takes one and a half hour to complete the routine. We are so habituated to the morning walk that even Quetta wind or rain fails to stop us.
Once we had a queer experience. It was cold and the Quetta wind was blowing. We got lip hit earlier and started our routine. As we ran along the lane passing through the graveyard two constables Saw us and taking us for thieves ran after us asking us to stop. The wind was rough and was blowing from US to the constables and as such we did not hear them shouting and did not stop. That confirmed to them that we were actually thieves. They ran harder and over took us. They caught us by the neck from the behind but when they saw us they were amazed. They asked us why were we running. We told them that we used to run daily as an exercise. They laughed and left us. Since then I always begin my routine after Namaz.

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